Each of Val’s paintings tells a story using colours and shapes to express a mood, to reflect an experience or to capture a memory of a special person or place.  Inspiration comes from photos, sketches or conversations.
Val works in various media including oils, acrylics and mixed media, and in styles ranging across abstracted, impressionist and expressive realism. A recent focus is on figures and portraits, however Val continues to paint atmospheric river views and local scenes inspired by holidays. If you are interested in any of Vals work please contact her directly: info@vallawsonart.com. website vallawsonart.com
 Phone (0044) 734351027

Val. L 1

Val. L 3

Val. L 5

Val. L 8

Val. L 9

Val. L 2

Val. L 4

Val. L 6

Val. L 7

Val. L  10

Val. L 11