Val Blakeman

Val works mainly in oil on Canvas. She is a vibrant artist whose work covers a variety of subjects including flowers and portraits. Val accepts both portrait and commission work. If you are interested in purchasing any of  Val Blakemans work below, or a commission or portrait by her please contact her directly. 
” I moved to Spain permanently 8 yrs ago upon my retirement from the teaching profession.
Having always promised myself I would like to take up painting, I straightaway contacted and attended Julia’s art house working gallery first in Gata and then subsequently in Benidoleig.
Having experimented in a variety of styles, media and subjects, I have developed a keen interest in portraiture, using oil media.
I trust you enjoy seeing my work on the website and would like to thank Julia for all the skills and encouragement she has passed on to me. I highly recommend that if you, like me, have never painted before but would like to have go, you will find great satisfaction in learning a new interest in a friendly atmosphere at the studio. “
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