Classes Monday – Friday 10:30 – 13:30

Book classes at a time  convenient for you.

Pay-per-class with no commitment.

All students work on individual projects especially crafted for their needs.

Initially there is no need to buy materials as we have them all here. 

Experiment with different mediums at a pace that suits you.

Develop your talents and find a personal style whether it be traditional or modern.

How The Classes Work

I Believe that every artist is unique, therefor I structure the courses for each individual. For me good art is a perfect balance betweet the heart and the head combining expression with technique. First i like to give my students the tools they need to express themselves by covering all of the essential basics needed to draw and paint. After that we go on a journey discovering the individual artists style allowing them to creat pieces of art that show their true personality. 

Each group class is a mixture of artists of all different levels working on seperate projects, therefore you can book your class on a day that suits you. 

Complete Beginners.

For those who are starting to paint and draw for the first time, those who think they can’t and those who have very little experience. 

The first class: Basic drawing skills.

The student will be guided through a drawing in a step by step process. Allowing them to gain the basic principles needed for all forms of drawing and painting. This includes line, form and tone. The student will leave with a finished piece. This is a class that really anyone can do and benefit from. It is extremely rewarding and you are guarantied a finished drawing  no matter what you think your capabilities are. If you are not happy then I will give you the class for free. But I have to say after five years of teaching this method to over three hundred students I have never had to do that!! This is also a great class for those who have not painted or drawn for many years and would like to get into it again.

The First project: We start to paint! 

I like to get my students started with painting straight away! this  shows you how easy it is and  enables the student to gain confidence. Using the medium that best suits the person. The budding artist will be taken, step by step, through their first painting. No two artists are the same and I will work within your pace and capabilities. on average it takes between 2-4 lessons to complete a first painting. All artists will leave with a finished and impressive piece as well as a huge sense of achievement and lots of new skills. 

After the first drawing class and project is completed, artists will then begin to work on pieces that bring out their own personal taste and style. Guided by Julia Evans the artist will go on a personal journey

Artists With Some Experience and Professional Artists.

I recommend the artist pops in for a chat and a cup of tea, bringing along some work that they have already done.  This really helps me get an idea of what level the artist is already at and what would be best for them. As I said earlier no two artists are the same so what comes next really depends on the person. From this I will structure a course and recommend what would be best for them.  This may be learning new techniques and/style, helping them with areas that need improving etc etc, the list is endless! You will get the support and tuition that you need to develop in a way that you love.

For very experienced and professional artists we hold open studio

This is where the artist will rent the space and is generally not tutored. The artists benefit from working alongside other creative souls and critique on there work as and when needed. Support and help with promotion and exhibitions is also a plus side. As well as holding exhibitions at ArtHouse we also organize exhibitions for our artists in local galleries, restaurants, bars and “casa de culturas.”