About us.

ArtHouse is exactly as the name says, “a house of art”.
I currently have over 70 students practicing painting here.  I opened my studio nine years ago with the intention of creating a place where everybody could take part in the pleasurable act of art.
I welcome people of all ages, My youngest student is 4 and my eldest is 84! I  take students of all levels of ability, from complete beginners to professional artists. 
As and when the artists are ready, I help them to exhibit and sell work. All students are encouraged to exhibit in our regular exhibitions.
For me it is all about the enjoyment. If not, what is the point? I feel this is the reason why we get such good results. Everyone here learns a lot and produces a high standard of work, developing through pleasure. 


The ethos behind ArtHouse is that everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy art. 

Artists have the ability to see both the profound in the normal and the normal in the profound.

I believe that everybody has the ability to draw and paint, they simply need to be shown how. ArtHouse is a fun and vibrant working environment, where I encourage my students to develop their own personal style of work. Many find the classes therapeutic. Creating your own art is extremely confidence boosting and I do truly believe that anyone 
can do it.”

 Everybody has an artist inside them. At ArtHouse you can find that artist.  Taking up a creative hobby gives you the opportunity to focus solely on yourself.